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Jaz Quick
SideWalking! (Street 4598)

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  • Слушали: 16
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Лейбл: Navigator Records
  • Опубликовано: 16 октябрь 2020
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Клип и текст песни:
I’m moving round slow
— The side of a show.
No more,
Stories to be told:I’m moving round slow
— The side of a show.
No more,
Stories to be told:
I’m down for it no matter where it goes.
‘Member freestylin? On the streets, make it real wildin,
On repeat
Promoting gang violence
— On the seat, silent.
Now I dare to make it satisfying
My raps flying, the maps on the letter front stamps
Fatter than the gaps, in my knowledge
16 years I’m crying
Younger generation dying
Drugs filling streets, we all lying
Sea salt finding
Amphetamine rhyming
Eventhough I’m fucking blinded
The government co-found and
The Block shit, back to lounge act 2
U feelin grove
I scout through my thought,
I’m polarized due
The facts the jungles are overcrowded, its doubted
That we live in the lighter future
Sighting for the mutual love
Mind yo usual business, cuz
Sniffing till u feel the fuzz
Well, guess u need it
Still telling everyone u see shit
And gambling gathering that we awaited
Premeditated plan that we just made and
Attacking y’all from the back
Stacking up the racks,
Moving up fast, beneath the facts
Still got shivers down my Back
When I hear The New Mac
And hear the groovy piano
“Like it's the rap diablo, mucho when I drop flows”
Sitting low, between walls
The cops close, we swap clothes
I stop, now playing where it goes
“Got dead homies”
So now u faggot listen close
Oppose the bitch she strokes we changing pose, of course
Mislead my force

It’s the best way to give her blessing
I’m wrecking, 2 seconds
Flow down the beat and get my flow
Sippin juice looking at the worlds
The riot up here, insert the Triple X, fearing Xanax for taking away the “Truck Benz”
Just hinting y’all,
And breaking fence
I’m gaining now more fans
It’s where it ends
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